Efficient waste management of the energy industry in the name of environmental protection

Power plants generate large amounts of waste, which fortunately can be reused. These are mainly cables, transformers, steel structures and other power plant components.

The reuse of these types of waste is therefore of great importance for the environment , and in particular for reducing the extraction of natural resources. For example, recycling of cables makes it possible to reduce the extraction of copper and other rare elements.

Recycling of power plant components

Both ordinary and hazardous waste can be found in companies operating in the energy industry. They are created, among other things, as a result of dismantling transformer stations, switchgear, as well as high and medium voltage lines.

Such items contain valuable metals, such as copper, aluminum or nickel, which can be recovered and reused. By recycling these materials, the consumption of natural resources and the amount of waste that ends up in landfills are significantly reduced.

Recycling transformers and other components, such as power poles and distribution boxes, requires specialized knowledge and experience. A transformer station, for example, consists of many parts that need to be grouped and cleaned. Not all of them are recyclable, either.

Nicrometal has been collecting and reusing this type of waste for many years now. We cooperate with many energy companies, offering them a comprehensive service, tailored to their individual needs.

Our offer includes, among other things, collection of scrap metal and other waste. We also prepare the necessary documentation and assist in official matters.

Cable recycling

Electrical cables are commonly used in the energy industry. During cable recycling, copper, aluminum and other metals can be recovered. The process involves sorting and then stripping the wires, that is, removing the plastic or rubber covering from them.

The metal wires are then crushed and transported to the smelter. On site, they are remelted and formed into new metallurgical products. The resulting raw material can be reused in the production of cables or other products, contributing to sustainable, closed-loop resource management.

Recycling of plant and cable components brings a number of both environmental and economic benefits. For power utilities, it is primarily an opportunity to obtain cheaper materials and legally compliant waste management.

Therefore, energy companies are increasingly taking steps to recycle materials and obtain secondary raw materials. By doing so, they are reducing the cost of doing business and contributing to climate protection.

When you work with Nicrometal, you gain access to unique knowledge and technological innovations that make the recycling process beneficial. We operate in compliance with regulations and in harmony with nature. Contact us and ask about the details of our offer.


  • plastics and textiles,
  • carbon steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • ferrous metals,
  • light metals such as aluminum,
  • copper-containing metals and other items containing the listed materials,
  • liquid substances, including hazardous substances.


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