Specialization in recycling of superalloys, key in high-tech industry

The characteristics and chemical composition of superalloys mean that their recycling requires special technologies. The processing of raw materials takes place in smelters, but before that the metals must be pre-cleaned, segregated and delivered to the site.

Recycling superalloys is important because these materials often contain elements of critical importance to the economy, making their processing one of the most needed forms of recycling today. This reduces mining and exploitation of natural resources.

Several methods of superalloy processing are available, such as thermal or hydrometallurgical, which produce a raw material with exceptional resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

The choice of the appropriate process depends, among other things, on the type of superalloy and the available processing technology. However, it is always a fairly complex cycle that involves several stages. It starts with the collection of metal waste and ends with the delivery of the raw material to the smelter and its processing into finished products.

What are superalloys?

Superalloys are a group of materials characterized by high melting point, resistance to deformation, oxidation and also have anti-corrosion properties. These properties are obtained through appropriate processing of the raw material and selection of components.

Depending on the composition and applications, different types of blends can be distinguished. Among other things, Nicrometal S.A. recycles superalloys, titanium and aluminum groups 2000 and 7000. Very good properties have mixtures based on nickel and chromium alloys of the Inconel type, which are characterized by exceptional resistance to oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures.

Due to their properties, superalloys are most often used in the aerospace, automotive and energy industries. They are used wherever durability under extreme environmental conditions matters.

For this reason, they are found, for example, in gas turbines and in aircraft engines and power plants, positively influencing the durability of these devices and lower fuel consumption. The characteristics of superalloys also make them suitable for operation in acidic environments, replacing stainless steel.

Solutions for the aviation industry

We offer proven solutions for the aviation industry in the collection of superalloy waste. The comprehensive service includes:

  • waste collection and recycling,
  • on site scrap segregation programs
  • sorting into individual fractions,
  • cleaning and segregation of metal scrap,
  • the supply of raw materials to steel mills,

We have been involved in superalloy recycling for many years, so we can implement optimization projects in any manufacturing company. We are a trusted partner, as evidenced by our membership in the Lower Silesian Aerospace Cluster, the Greater Poland Aerospace Cluster and the Aviation Valley, among others.

Cooperation with us means many benefits for your company. We provide only the highest quality services and products that meet the stringent standards in the demanding aerospace industry.


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