Safe and efficient waste electrical and electronic equipment management services

We live in a world where electronic and electrical devices are an indispensable part of our daily lives – we can’t imagine work, culinary experiences or entertainment without them. This leads us to reflect on the enormity of the equipment that is produced annually – in 2022 alone, as many as 1.21 billion smartphones were sold.

In the services we offer, we are aware of the challenges posed by the growing consumption of electronic equipment. We are thinking about how to properly manage resources and minimize negative impacts on the planet. Did you know that the devices you use every day contain real treasures in the form of valuable raw materials such as gold, silver and palladium?

Efficient waste management process. Recovery of precious metals and rare earth metals

The amount of raw materials on our planet is limited, which is why the current rush of technological development is so dangerous to the environment. The production of electronic and electrical equipment requires huge resources, such as precious metals.

Gold, silver or palladium are raw materials that can be recovered not only from modern smartphones and laptops, but even from older models of cell phones, as well as electronic equipment wiring.

That’s why we offer waste electrical and electronic equipment management services to effectively recover these valuable materials and help protect the environment. We focus on an efficient waste management process that maximizes the use of the resources contained in electro-waste.

Electro-waste recycling is all about awakening awareness that used equipment should not immediately go to the landfill because, literally, there are real treasures inside.

This is extremely important not only in terms of ecology, but also in terms of appropriate disposal of raw materials available to the entire electronic device sector. It is worth remembering this especially today, when new models of smartphones and other electronic devices appear on the market every few months.

What electronic devices are recyclable?

While it might seem that today’s main electro-waste is mainly smartphones, the spectrum of devices that can be recycled is much broader. So it will be any type of electronic and electrical equipment used in our daily lives.

Televisions, computers, washing machines, refrigerators, audio equipment, irons, drills, fluorescent and energy-saving bulbs, game consoles, headphones, monitors are the most common items to be recycled. These are, of course, just some of the electro-waste that can be recycled. The quantities of raw materials and precious metals that manage to be recovered are very large.

This result is particularly impressive when one considers the scale involved. Today, electro-waste languishes in landfills, which is why it is so important for the public to know how to properly separate old devices.

This will allow even more raw materials to be obtained from waste electronic and electrical equipment. The disposal of electronic equipment should therefore be carried out in such a way that as much as possible can be “extracted” from this electro-waste.

Your electronic equipment – A valuable treasure, not a worthless waste.

We believe that proper recycling of electronic equipment is the key to protecting our planet. Our mission is not only to recycle electro-waste, but above all to create awareness that used equipment is not worthless waste, but a valuable source of raw materials. By working with us, you not only contribute to reducing the consumption of natural resources, but also influence the reduction of mountains of electro-waste lying in landfills.

With Nicrometal S.A., taking care of the environment becomes easy. Join us and help us counteract the negative effects of excessive consumption of natural resources. Together we can do more for our planet.


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