Recovery and recycling of various non-ferrous metals through modern technology

Nonferrous metals include aluminum, copper, gold, lead, nickel, silver, zinc and tin, among others. They can also be alloys containing two or more of the listed elements – brass, for example, is composed of copper and zinc.

Although individual nonferrous metals have different compositions, they have similar properties. These include:

  • ductility – they are much more flexible than ferrous metals, which means they can be stretched and shaped relatively easily with even simple tools,
  • versatility – they are an excellent material for making tools, machine parts and many other components,
  • corrosion resistance – since non-ferrous metals do not contain iron, they are preferred for use in environments where moisture is present,
  • do not have magnetic properties, so non-ferrous metals are ideal for electronic components, devices, cables and wires,
  • lightweight – they are lighter than iron, combining high strength and low weight, making them a highly desirable manufacturing material in many industries.

In addition, non-ferrous metals retain their chemical properties even when they are repeatedly recycled and reprocessed. Therefore, it is definitely worth managing production waste and having it collected by a professional company.

Collection of non-ferrous metal waste

Nicrometal is engaged in the recycling of non-ferrous metals based on strict procedures. Using the services of our company, you can count on many benefits and partnership nature of cooperation. We collect all types of non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum, brass or nickel.

Copper recycling

It is a very widely used metal, which is used in the production of copper pipes, wires or bathroom fittings, among other things. Copper recycling is therefore important for many industries, also contributing to less exploitation of natural resources.

When copper scrap is collected from the customer, it is pre-cleaned and then sent to the smelter. There it is melted down and formed into a specific shape, after which the finished sheets, pipes or rods are sent back to the factory, where they are used as raw material to make new products. This completes the cycle of a closed-loop economy.

Copper recycling is very profitable for companies, as it allows them to reduce production costs. In addition, working with us gives them confidence that deliveries will arrive exactly on time, without any delays.


We also recycle other non-ferrous metals. Among others, we collect aluminum, tin, brass, bronze, silver and nickel. The processing of these non-ferrous metals is carried out on a similar basis to copper recycling.

We offer a comprehensive service, tailored to the needs of a specific company. Together with the customer, we establish the principles of cooperation, and then act in accordance with the procedures. Received scrap of nonferrous metals is sorted and cleaned of dirt, and then transported in batches to smelters, where it is processed into material.

We employ qualified personnel and have specialized equipment that allows us to obtain and process recyclables to the maximum extent possible. We also help with all the paperwork at the authorities, and offer environmental consulting.

Get in touch to find out the price

Due to the nature of the trade, quotations for non-ferrous metals tend to fluctuate more frequently than iron prices. Therefore, the best way to find out what the prices of a particular metal are is to contact our company. All branch locations and phone numbers are available on the website.

Recycling of non-ferrous metals is very profitable for each party to the contract. When you undertake cooperation with Nicrometal, you can count on competitive prices and professional service.

In addition, as with the recycling of any material, non-ferrous metal recycling benefits the environment. It reduces the amount of space taken up by landfills, and also reduces energy consumption and emissions.


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