Collection and recycling
of industrial waste

We provide support in industrial waste management, simplifying ongoing maintenance in the facility, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, and optimizing operations so you can focus on key aspects of your business.

What waste do we manage?

Carbon Steel Scrap

We specialize in professional carbon steel scrap management, offering our clients comprehensive services that support their operations. We act in the spirit of sustainable development, enabling clients to participate in the efficient flow of secondary raw materials and supporting their environmental and operational goals.


Our superalloy and titanium scrap management services ensure the handling of valuable materials with the highest standards of safety and environmental protection. Thanks to our innovative solutions, our clients can enhance enhance the efficiency of their operations and contribute to the development of a circular economy.


We understanding the need for price transparency and stable revenues or our clients, our market analytics services assist in cost management and financial optimization in the volatile non-ferrous metal industries. We strive to provide comprehensive support, including not just market analysis but also full waste management consulting.


We offer specialized stainless steel scrap management services that comply with urrent environmental requirements allowing our clients to effectively utilize resources. Our actions are focused on supporting the continuity and stability of production processes, jwhile raising environmental awareness.


We specialize in closing the recycling loop, which not only optimizes processes and costs but also represents a real action for environmental protection, enhancing our clients’ market competitiveness. Our service includes issuing documents confirming recycling or recovery (DPR and DPO).


We guide our clients through the complexities of hazardous waste management, providing crisis management and emergency support, meeting the needs of those facing operational and logistical risks.

WHY choose our services?

We offer comprehensive and integrated waste management and environmental support solutions that meet the specific business challenges of our clients. Our services are designed to simplify and optimize processes, increase operational efficiency, and support the sustainable development of businesses. Here are the key benefits of working with us:

Service in terms of collection and recovery
This is a key element of our services, ensuring comprehensive waste management and resource recovery. At Nicrometal S.A., our goal is to maximize the efficiency of recovery processes, which translates into financial and ecological benefits for our clients. We offer personalized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry, ensuring professionalism, promptness, and full compliance with regulations, allowing companies to focus on their core business.
We place great emphasis on compliance with current environmental regulations, which is crucial for business safety and responsibility. Our expertise and continuous monitoring of legislative changes allow us to offer services that not only ensure compliance with legal requirements but also minimize the risk of fines and potential operational disruptions. Partnering with us, our clients can focus on their core business, confident that their waste management is fully legal and up-to-date.
We eliminate the difficulties associated with handling multiple partners by offering a unified and comprehensive approach to waste management, allowing for more efficient use of warehouse space and streamlining decision-making processes.
Our experience in environmental regulations, including carbon footprint calculation, enables clients to navigate the dynamically changing landscape of legal and environmental regulations more easily.
With our in-depth market knowledge, we offer valuations based on the current market situation, allowing clients to better manage costs and sales prices.
Our innovative approach to waste management results in space savings and logistics facilitation. We currently have over 50 types of containers, allowing us to adapt the right size to storage capabilities and specific wastes.
We introduce our own proven operational procedures and consulting, which contribute to the optimization of work processes and minimization of operational downtimes.
We provide support and consulting in case of unexpected problems, such as compliance with ADR regulations, ensuring our clients that their operations are always secure.

Choosing Nicrometal S.A., you choose a partner that not only helps your company meet legal and environmental requirements but also contributes to the efficiency and market competitiveness of your business.


Take care of your company's waste management!

Want to properly address the issue of waste management in your company? Need support in meeting environmental protection regulations? Fill out a short form, and we will contact you and explain what our comprehensive waste management service looks like. We’ll tell you what our cooperation with other companies looks like, and then offer the support you need. If you find this support useful – we’ll start working on implementing our services.

With which industries do we work?


Based on our competencies, we understand he precision and requirements of the aviation industry. Our services include waste management of special alloys and non-ferrous metals, which are key to this sector. With our advanced recovery and waste management solutions, we support the aviation industry in its pursuit of sustainable development and continuous improvement.


Facing uncertainties related to compliance with environmental law, our offer includes legal and educational support, helping companies in the chemical industry interpret and apply constantly changing regulations, which is extremely important in light of the stringent safety and environmental standards characteristic of this industry.


We also support companies producing plastics. For industrial facilities manufacturing plastic, we provide collection of technical plastics and polyolefins. We have a professional technical background (mills, crushers, extrusion lines, and injection molding machines) and prepare complete documentation of the collection and recycling process.

Automotive Industry

We offer timely, hassle-free, and fully legal waste management services for the automotive industry. We understand the dynamic pace of this sector and deliver waste solutions that meet the needs of vehicle manufacturers, their suppliers, and service centers, helping them maintain continuity and operational efficiency.

Food Industry

In the context of operational challenges in waste management, our services help food companies optimize space and manage waste. We provide assistance that allows for better utilization of storage space and selective waste collection, thereby minimizing difficulties associated with untimely collections.

Energy Industry

We provide comprehensive waste management and demolition services for the energy industry, maintaining the highest standards of safety and effectiveness even under the most demanding conditions. Regardless of location or operational conditions, Nicrometal S.A. guarantees professionalism and reliability.

Mechanical Industry

We specialize in serving industries involved in mechanical processing, where precision and timeliness are key. We provide waste solutions that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of metal processing and other mechanical processes, enabling more effective waste management, which translates into cost optimization and production process improvements for our clients. Our services ensure compliance with environmental regulations, supporting the mechanical industries in sustainable development and innovation.


The Nicrometal brand is a company whose mission is to develop the circular economy in our country. We collect waste, but we focus not only on its disposal and utilization but also on its reuse. Where possible, we process it through recycling to provide ecological raw materials for your company. All this in care for reducing environmental pollution and a green future for the next generations.


For many years, we have been providing comprehensive waste management services throughout Poland. Collection and industrial waste management are services we perform in line with the principles of the circular economy for various industries.

what does our comprehensive service include?

recykling złomów i odpadów produkcyjnych - ikona
recycling of scrap and production waste
transport i logistyka
transport and logistics
rozbiórka instalacji i maszyn produkcyjnych - ikona
dismantling of installations and production machinery
outsourcing pracowników - ikona
outsourcing of workers
doradztwo prawne w zakresie gospodarki odpadami - ikona
legal advice on waste management
klasyfikacja odpadów - ikona
proper classification of waste and determining their hazard level


We operate in accordance with the highest standards.

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