Safe and compliant hazardous waste management

Hazardous waste includes materials and products that specifically affect the environment. Their leakage into the soil or water could cause a large contamination. Therefore, the storage, collection and processing of hazardous waste requires special procedures and safety measures.

Harmful waste includes, in particular:

  • broken electrical and electronic equipment – for example, computer equipment, wiring, extension cords, switchboards, telephones, etc..,
  • used car batteries and accumulators,
  • sludge, acids, used cleaners, chemical waste, containers of pesticides, packaging of solvents, lubricants, paints and fuels,
  • waste oil and synthetic emulsions.

Such fractions should be stored in a specially designated place. It is important that it is covered and properly marked.

The management of hazardous waste consists primarily in the collection and proper treatment of production residues. Some of it can be reused, and the rest is safely disposed of.

Full documentation and handling of procedures

Disposal of hazardous waste must be carried out in accordance with the applicable law. There are high penalties for non-compliance, so it is advisable to outsource processing to a proven company.

By entrusting hazardous waste collection and disposal tasks to Nicrometal S.A., you can be sure that everything will be done as it should be. Our experts have already carried out many implementations in plants from various industries.

Therefore, you can count on comprehensive support from both the legal side and the physical handling of waste. Together with the client, we develop procedures and then ensure that they are followed. We also prepare all the necessary documentation, reports and letters to the relevant authorities.

We assist in obtaining the necessary permits and environmental decisions. We also provide support in the area of transportation of dangerous goods. We have all the necessary authorizations in this area and employ qualified specialists.

Collection of hazardous waste and its proper management

The management of this type of waste is among the most demanding. Even a small mistake can cause great damage to the environment. That is why we do our best to ensure that not even the slightest mistake is made.

We operate according to strict procedures. Our services include waste acceptance, storage, sorting and disposal of hazardous materials.

We have the necessary equipment – specialized vehicles and containers. All harmful waste is in sealed containers and properly labeled.


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