Collection and recovery of industrial waste


We are close to the idea of a closed-loop economy, which focuses on maximizing the use of secondary raw materials. It is an environmentally friendly concept, but also financially viable, as many metals, waste paper or plastics can be reused in the manufacturing process after sorting.
In the circular economy, a product can be recycled many times before it becomes completely useless. This saves natural resources and the energy needed to make a new product from scratch.

Our company offers customers just such closed-loop recycling, which consists of the following steps:

  • creation of waste at the production plant,
  • their initial segregation and storage,
  • collection of production waste by Nicrometal,
  • precise sorting and separation of materials into individual fractions,
  • reprocessing of raw materials at a steel mill or other processing plant,
  • use of materials in the production of finished products.

Collection and recycling of production waste. We operate all over Poland!

We are engaged in the collection of industrial waste throughout the country. Four branches located in Poland are dedicated to serving manufacturing companies, the location of which is shown below this article. Employees at all locations are at the disposal of customers and help implement the waste recycling system.
Waste reuse is the most rational and cost-effective way of obtaining raw materials. Despite the fact that the process itself may seem complicated, it is worth implementing because it brings concrete benefits. First of all, it increases profits, but also improves the company’s image in the environment. It is then perceived as environmentally friendly.
However, industrial waste recycling requires expert knowledge, experience and the use of modern technologies. That’s why it’s worth using the services of our company, which has qualified employees and the right equipment.
If you have any questions, please contact our branch. We will be happy to tell you about the advantages of the circular economy and implement a recycling system in your company!

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