Responsible management of your paper waste

The process of recycling waste paper aims to reuse used paper, cardboard packaging or catalogs. This type of activity is primarily beneficial for the environment, as it contributes to reducing deforestation.

For companies, recycling is also important from an economic perspective. Although a ton of waste paper does not cost much, as its price fluctuates around 500 PLN, with large quantities of donated raw material, the revenue already becomes significant.

Waste paper collection

Nicrometal is engaged in collecting waste paper from companies in various industries. Our offer is directed in particular to entities that generate large quantities of used paper, cardboard, newsletters or books.

Waste paper is an important raw material that can be recycled and reused to produce new products. That’s why it’s worth taking advantage of our offer, as your company can gain a lot from it.

Among other services, we offer the substitution of a waste paper container and its regular emptying. In addition, we also deal with the training of employees and preparation of the necessary documentation.

Efficient recycling of waste paper

The process of recycling waste paper consists of several steps. First, used cardboard or paper is collected in containers. In order to reduce waste, waste paper can be compacted into special bales. This facilitates later loading and transportation, and reduces transportation costs.

After collection, the waste paper is taken to the plant, where it undergoes various cleaning processes to remove dirt and paint. These activities include pulping. This involves separating the fibers and simultaneously adding chemicals that intensify the deinking processes.

The resulting recycled pulp is then compacted while removing excess water from it. The final raw material obtained, enriched with additives, can already be used for the production of paper or cardboard.

When waste paper is too damaged, contaminated or not recyclable it is disposed of in waste incinerators. In this way, the waste is converted into heat or electricity.

Properly designed and implemented waste paper recycling brings many benefits to your company and the environment. It effectively reduces the need for fresh cellulose, which is mostly harvested from trees. In this way, you contribute to the preservation of forests, which are extremely valuable for the balance of nature, oxygen production, water retention and biodiversity.

In addition, the paper recycling process is more energy efficient and requires less water than making paper from scratch. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it also contributes to the fight against climate change.

After all, the reuse of waste paper for the benefit of your company’s finances. This is especially evident in businesses that generate large amounts of paper waste. Recycling reduces the cost of doing business and increases profits.


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